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When it comes to mobile devices, physicians are all in. According to the 2016 Physicians Practice Technology Survey, the number of physicians who utilize mobile EHR apps went from 50 percent in 2013 to 78 percent this past year.

It's not just EHRs though. The survey also revealed that more than 85 percent of physicians and practices were using mobile devices in the performance of their jobs.

As such, this increased use has opened up a whole new market of mobile clinical apps that providers have found easy to use. Here are 10 apps that we've compiled through input from our readers in the past year that are especially noteworthy for physicians as well as others at medical practices.

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The cross platforms of mobile technology has been influenced by the medical community so greatly that it’s impossible to avoid mentioning about it. Doctors can reach out to patients by smartphone. Active individuals can track their daily athletics with their digital wristbands. Researchers can do group analytical sessions with collected specimens from different remote locations. And yes, even we diabetics have the abilities to monitor our blood sugar and to remind us when to take our medications. Although our daily routines may involve us being attached to our phones and tablets like glue, it’s nice to know that we have the option of adding some of these applications to our lives for greater personal improvement.

Now, as for the diabetic community, there are maybe hundreds of health based programs that you can download. Some are quick and simple, and some have great bells and whistles for more offered options. We decided to help you with your selective process. As you know, believe in providing as many supportive aspects as possible to help those struggling with diabetes of all types. So we searched the web for some recommended apps that can aide you in your goal for a beneficial well-being and a more positive glucose maintenance plan.

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Here, we have collected 12 of the best healthcare apps of 2016, to help you get good medical advice and care, within a budget. This list is by no means in any order or hierarchy; it is set randomly so you can learn about them:

1. WebMD app

This is an app that promotes healthy living, while at the same time offering physician-reviewed health inputs and a plethora of interactive tools. If you have any particular symptoms and would like to check it against possible diseases, then all you need to do is list all the symptoms and the app would give information of possible ailments.

Available on Android and iOS

2. Google’s DeepMind Health

Apart from acting as a symptom checker, it gives essential information on how to handle first aid, ailments that meet a match with the symptoms that you have, give you a list of common maladies and so on.

It is a fairly recent app and was launched in June 2016, so it is presently available only in English. Google is however, developing it to accommodate more languages and search option.

Available on Android and iOS

3. Micromedex

Micromedex is a healthcare app that gives wholesome information on drugs and its uses. If you have a particular ailment or health issue, you can type the symptoms and it gives you suggestions on proper drug usage, medicine recommendations and interactions.

Available on iOS and Android.

4. OneRx

This app helps you compare prescription drug prices. If you receive a prescription drug that you cannot afford, this app would help you locate another prescription drug according to your treatment plan. You will, however, have to share your insurance card with the app to get this info.

Available on iOS and Android.

5. Sugar Sense

An app all diabetic patients should have. Sugar Sense records your sugar levels throughout the day and gives an estimate of your HbA1C level. You can also input your carb intake to know how such a diet would impact your blood sugar levels.

Available on iOS and Android

6. AsthmaMD

AsthmaMD is an app to have for asthma patients. It would help track your asthma attacks and note what triggered each attack, complete with medication and drug information. It would also give you choices of what caused the attack — allergies, pollutants, pollens and so on.

Available on Android

7. Stress Check

Are you easily stressed? Would you like to keep track of your stress level with the help of an app? Well, here you go with Stress Check, an app that has evolved to be the most popular among bio-feedback health applications.

Available on Android and iOS

8. BabyBump

Here’s the good news if you are pregnant. Keep track of the various stages of your pregnancy and development of your baby through BabyBump.

As an added bonus, the app records your mood, weight, doctor appointment and even your baby’s tiny kicks. And if you are in the mood to be social, you can share this on your social networks as well.

Available on Android and iOS

Healthcare is never separate from fitness, so here are a few fitness apps that would care for both.

9. Zombies, Run!

This is one of the highest grossing health and fitness app. You can carry out your mission of shedding those extra calories because the app has a fun and engaging way of keeping you running. After all, you want to be safe from the zombie apocalypse, right? Well, you will, with this app in tow.

Available on Android and iOS

10. StrongLifts 5x5

Are you a gym fanatic? Would you like to keep track of your lifting exercises? Then download StrongLifts 5x5 and head to the gym. It gives you information of how many times you lifted, the calories burnt, your rest time and so on.

Available on Android and iOS

11. Motion Traxx

Sometimes, working out can be a boring ritual. How about adding a little zest to it? How about music? With Motion Traxx, you can combine world class training regime with music that changes its intensity according your workout.

Available on Android and iOS

12. Strava

Strava is an amazing cycling app that would note the distance traveled, the calories burnt, kilometers covered, heart rate, cadence when you cycle, etc. It has an active community of avid cyclists you can engage with.

All you need to do is note down your cycle make, weight, sex and other personal details for calculation. The app functions with amazing alacrity.

Available on Android and iOS

A bonus app — here’s an app you would love

13. Pocket First Aid and CPR

Pocket First Aid and CPR is an app released by American Heart Association (AHA). It gives highly informative data on common, but severe health problems related to all age groups and how to administer CPR. You can create your own profile and add details about your doctors and insurance.

Available on Android and iOS

Source: HealthcareInAmerica