Our Mission

Our mission is to spread awareness about diabetes and to help improve the lives of those afflicted and influenced, one life at a time.


Help us raise money for our education and fitness programs to spread the knowledge and encourage self-confidence and self-discipline amongst those touched and affected by this chronic and degenerating condition. We reach out to children and adults in order to prevent newer cases and help those cope and even reverse the effects of diabetes and its associated conditions, such as stroke and blindness.

Your generosity is welcome, even during these tough times. Click the icon below to donate only $10 to our organization.

A Message from Ashley

September 5, 2014

Hello, friends,

Welcome to the TalkOnDiabetes Foundation. Since the last time that I have posted my first message to you of our induction, we have been very busy in our campaign to offer supportive solutions and education about diabetes. During this grassroots phase of our Foundation's development, we have learn quickly about how serious that this condition is. In fact, in 2010, when we first brought to you TODF (that's @TalkOnDiabetes in Twitter!), there were 25.8 million people in the United States with diabetes alone. In 2012, that number heavily escalated to 29 million people in the US. At TODF, we understand that our contribution to the fight against diabetes is but a miniscule effort in a global struggle. However, even though our present size is rather small, our efforts have been greatly acknowledged throughout the New York City communities. Our mission has lead us to speak with dozens of people and we have heard their stories, including their personal struggles with maintaining their glucose levels and their medical appointments. It has been a privilege to hear about the success stories, but it has been a mournful experience to hear of those persuaded to research about diabetes due to the loss of a relative or friend. But nonetheless, we are very happy to say that we are still here after two years, and the path to our objective has just begun!

TODF, as I now call it in repetition, has created some effective and incredible health-related programs and workshops which help us fight against diabetes with a hands-on approach. We believe that the best way to assist those in our communities is to offer services that will promote better lifestyles, improve personal health and encourage more medical consultations and examinations. Our fitness/nutritional program energizes our participants with dance, music and aerobic training, and teaches them about supportive diet choices to enable them to continue to live and stay fit. Our one-day workshop offers necessary education on important subjects in regards to diabetes, including the development of Type 2 Diabetes Meilltus, in a no-holds-barred style of delivery. This straightforward approach gives the attendees the hard facts, not only about the complications, but also about the other useful information that may not be known or recognized by the general population. Our third program consists of peer networking and support amongst young and mature men. The common factor of this group is coping with health issues and the complexities which usually follow. As of now, although we have had a gradual start, we have been successful in our outreach efforts, and managed to reach nearly 100 people with our programs and workshops within the last twelve months.

That’s also why, during this spurt of growth, we’re asking for support for our programs. Since our first announcement of our mission, and the introduction of our health advocate agenda, we are currently growing and the demand for our services is exponentially growing as well. So along with applying for financial support, we are also planning events, dinners and other fundraising efforts to further support these programs, which are included in our mission to reach the global diabetic community, one person at a time. And our volunteer team grows stronger every day, with students, medical professionals and able-bodied adults contributing their incredible talents, and their appreciated time, from around the globe. They may have no idea, but they are what make our Foundation a strong presence in the struggle against this silent and growing pandemic. And I would like to thank every single one of them.

Again, thank you all.

Ashley Pettaway
The TalkOnDiabetes Foundation